Course Details

25th January 2020

Olympia London

10:00am - 5:00pm

£0.00 per attendee

CPD Hours: 6

Course Code: DLO2015

Essential topics for both dental hygienists and therapists covering a broad spectrum of clinical issues whilst securing your CPD free of charge.

10:00 - 10:45

Dentine Hypersensitivity and Recession presented by Matthew Locke

An update on the causes of recession and resulting dentine hypersensitivity

To cover contemporary ‘home’ and ‘in-surgery’ solutions to dentine sensitivity and brief review of the recent evidence base

Learning objectives:

This session will confirm participants ability to:

  1. Identify and explain the mechanisms that lead to gingival recession.
  2. Explain why some patients have more recession than others.
  3. Describe the consequences of recession for the patient.
  4. Understand the pain mechanisms and aetiology of dentine sensitivity.
  5. Identify the risk factors for dentine sensitivity.
  6. Describe management options for dentine sensitivity, including the role of mouthwashes and toothpastes.

10:45 - 11:05

Exhibition and networking


11:05 - 11:50

Gingival Overgrowth presented by Liam Addy

An update on gingival overgrowth scenario, with specific reference to the medications that may be implicated in its onset

How the periodontal clinician may help

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the causes of generalised gingival enlargements
  • Be familiar with the appearance of gingival enlargement
  • Be able to review the aetiologies for gingival overgrowth with particular reference to implicated medications
  • Appreciate how the dental clinician may make appreciable difference to such conditions prior to potential referral

11:50 - 12:10

Exhibition and networking


12:10 - 12:55

Systemic Disease and Risk Factors in Periodontal Disease presented by Liam Addy

An update on the growing evidenced links between systemic disease and periodontitis.

What the implications are for Dentistry, our patients and the Healthcare service as a whole.

Learning objectives:

  • Differentiate between association and causation in relation to research evidence
  • Discuss proposed mechanisms for periodontitis as a cause of systemic inflammation
  • List identified risk factors for periodontal diseases
  • Understand the (recognised and growing) relationship between Diabetes and periodontal disease
  • Identify the relationship between stress and periodontitis
  • Identify the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and periodontitis

12:55 - 13:05

Opt In to ICON OPTIM presented by Laura Morris, Stoddard


13:05 - 13:45

Exhibition and networking


13:45 - 14:40

Adjunctive use of Antimicrobials and Antiseptics in the Management of Periodontal Disease presented by Liam Addy

A review of both local and systemic chemotherapeutics for periodontal diseases – from toothpaste to tetracycline.

Specific mention of the implication of the new periodontal classification and use of systemic antimicrobials.

Learning Objectives:

- Identify local and systemic antimicrobial agents that are available for the management of periodontitis
- Identify clinical indications for the use of:
- Systemic antimicrobials
- Local delivery antimicrobials
- Explain why disturbance of the biofilm is a necessary requirement when using any antimicrobial for the management of periodontitis.


14:40 - 15:00

Exhibition and networking


15:00 - 15:45

Adjunctive use of Antimicrobials and Antiseptics in the Management of Periodontal Disease [continued] presented by Liam Addy & Matthew Locke


15:45 - 16:05

Exhibition and networking


16:05 - 16:50

New concepts in Periodontology & Alternatives to Conventional Root Debridement presented by Matthew Locke

What has changed in periodontal disease management more recently?

A review of the concept of mechanistic root surface debridement and more contemporary methods for achieving our goals.

What else is on the horizon for periodontology?

Learning Objectives:

- RSD and partial removal of calculus
- Full mouth disinfection protocols
- The emergence of air/particle driven therapy
- Host modulation agents and Periodontal Biomarkers
- Halitosis and its links with periodontal disease