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The Orthodontic Technicians Association (OTA) was formed in 1971, the aims of the association are to encourage study, promote the highest standards of practice and advance the knowledge of orthodontic laboratory and clinical techniques for the benefit of the orthodontic team and patient.

We act as an advisory body to institutions and individuals on the use of all orthodontic laboratory techniques and the service orthodontic technicians provide.

We also aim to widen, improve and develop the education and knowledge of those actively engaged in orthodontic technology through the media, publications, lectures, exhibitions, conferences and any other appropriate means.

The Association hosts an annual conference at a suitable venue each year. This conference is branded as the ‘Dental Professionals Conference (DPC) and is open to the entire dental team.

This is well supported by both members and traders and a good opportunity for all those involved to get to know each other. Besides the social aspect of the conference, it is probably the best way of keeping up with the latest techniques and innovations in the dental field.

Members of the OTA council sit on various boards and committees to represent the interests of orthodontic technicians. This is an important function due to the many changes taking place in dental technology.

The Association produces a quarterly newsletter and members are encouraged to contribute letters and technical tips. The Newsletter reports on meetings attended by Council officers and keeps members up to date on changes in legislation affecting our profession. The Newsletter also provides technical support from the expertise of your fellow members.

For more news, updates or details on the association and conferences please go to our website at https://ota-uk.org