Dental Monitoring

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Dental Monitoring

DM is a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence in dentistry. Its family of software solutions helps dental professionals make high-quality care accessible, convenient and efficient, through the use of AI at all stages of the patient journey. Since its founding in 2014, DM has developed cutting-edge algorithms that perform high-level clinical analysis on images and 3D files, calculate tooth movement remotely, and create photo-realistic simulations. Their suite of software includes SmileMate, an early assessment tool to screen for all major oral health concerns. DM Vision uses advanced algorithms to create realistic simulations of treatment outcomes. Their flagship product, Dental Monitoring, is a customizable cloud-based platform for clinical monitoring and communication automation.

With 200 employees in 10 countries around the world, DM aims to standardize the use of digital, AI-powered tools in dentistry, and help dental professionals reinvent the patient journey.

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