45+ Years Experience in Creating Dream Smiles

With over 45+ years of experience in dentistry. We are proud our brand is represented throughout the world; winning us the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2013.

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With over 45+ years of experience in dentistry, DB Orthodontics recognises the importance of quality, service and innovation. As global manufacturers of aesthetic dental and orthodontic products, we are proud our brand is represented throughout the world; winning us the Queen’s Award for International Trade in 2013.

Take a tour of our aesthetic brands at Professional Dentistry and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the passion, detail and care which goes into each of our products and services. Let’s begin with Autograph whitening…

1. Whiten

Autograph whitening is a premium brand of fast-acting whitening, designed for those who do not have time to whiten for longer than one hour, and is the perfect complement to orthodontic or restorative treatment. Available in a choice of 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide in four syringe patient packs or two syringe top-up packs, the packaging is beautifully presented in a white gift box and stylish bag. Our practice and digital marketing materials will look great in the waiting room.

2. Capture

How good are your before and after photographs? Professional photos are made easy with effective accessories such as DB Orthodontics’ retractors, mirrors and contrastors. For those keen to improve their skills, book an in-practice team training day with DB Associate Lecturer and Clinical Photographer, Timothy Zoltie.

3. Align

For great results, a quick turnaround, and the ability to always speak directly to the technician working on the case, choose Autograph aligners. Richard Cousley, specialist orthodontist and owner of Visage Orthodontics and the Priestgate Clinic, says: ‘I use the weekly Autograph aligner system because it achieves consistently good results. The customer service is excellent and the turnaround times are swift – I know I’m in good hands with the Autograph team’.

4. Refine

Ixion aligner pliers are ergonomic, stylish and functional instruments, and a must-have for all aligner providers. With five pliers available (Rotation Plier, Retention Plier, Torque Plier, Teardrop Plier and Hole Punch Plier), clinicians can apply a variety of treatments during the refinement stage, including the use of elastics and buttons.

5. Retain

The Maintain retainer provides effective dual-retention with a really easy to fit process. Take advantage of two removable retainers in addition to a bonded lingual retainer - all for a competitive price. Maintain eliminates time spent bending and fitting the wire with the patient in the chair because DB Orthodontics technicians do all the work for you. The Maintain transfer jig simply clicks into place, sitting the lingual wire in place – pre-shaped and ready for bonding. This means you can say goodbye to the risk of dropping the wire, and you have both hands to make bonding and placement easier.

We aim to make a positive impact on every clinician’s working practice, in turn helping you to transform your patients’ health and wellbeing safely and effectively. For more information, a practice visit, or to buy products, call 01535 656 999, email [email protected], or visit www.dbortho.com


Posted on 06.08.19