5 DAY ALIGNERS OR YOUR MONEY BACK CfastSmileTRU can deliver ALIGNERS IN 5 DAYS based on our new 5 Day Premium Service*

How Soon Do You Want Your Patients Smile Journey To Begin?

CfastSmileTRU can provide you and your patients with a clear and accurate digital set-up within 72 hours of receipt (in the lab) of suitable impressions/digital scans. Using our new software, which we don't mind boasting is pretty impressive, we will send you a Digital Set-up of predicted results, the number of required aligners and any IPR requirements. To see what you can expect from us, click the links below for a preview:

Click Here to view a Simple Digital Set-up


Click Here to view a Complex Digital Set-up


Based on you giving us the go-head on the same day you receive the Digital Set-up from us, your aligners will be dispatched within 48 working hours.

Want More?

Our 5 Day Premium Service* includes one free removable retainer per arch PLUS free whitening

Feeling Confident?

To give you confidence in us we need to have confidence in ourselves, that means if your work is not delivered within the promised timescales, it will be free of charge. Furthermore, all our work comes with our full satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident all the work is of the highest quality

We also offer our Ortho Assurance scheme to all users. Ortho Assurance is available if you are unable to complete a case to your patients satisfaction and our remote support has not provided a solution. We will see your patient through our network of experienced CfastSmileTRU providers and take over the case OR provide you with the support needed to help you finish the case yourself at no cost to you.

We're not quite finished, we have more to tell you....

To understand our 5 Day Premium Service in more detail and to learn about our equally as exciting 10 Day Standard Service, please click below so we can email you more information including a copy of our new Lab Slip and Free Post Lab Labels. Similarly, if you just want to ask a question, we want to hear from you so we can help. Just click the button below and we will be in touch.

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Posted on 12.12.19