Accelerate your Orthodontic Income Safely and Ethically with the Support of UK Based Orthodontists

Our new 12 day Core of Orthodontic Knowledge will teach you how to plan your cases and deliver results with the support of a dedicated UK based team.

Delivered over 5 sessions you are encouraged to bring along your own cases to treatment plan and treat with step by step guidance. You will also benefit from having 3 free Simply Smiles cases to get you started and a book of discount vouchers to use with the lab.

The course now incorporates the use of miniscrews and planning and designing sectional appliances. Basic anterior alignment using lingual appliances. How digital can help planning and predicting outcomes. Marketing orthodontics and how Ortho complements other treatments and an introduction to ISD. Integrated Smile Design is Wired’s own treatment planning, consent and communication concept to be used by everyone involved in the treatment.

We limit ourselves to just 10 delegates so our team can give each person individual support and help you achieve your full orthodontic potential.

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Posted on 02.07.19