Are All Plasma Pens the Same?

The answer is NO!

Jett Medical Plasma Pen
Show Offer £6000 including free level 4 training
Normal RRP £7500

Jett Plasma Is the World’s only Advanced Direct Current Technology Plasma Pen.

Jett Medical Plasma Pen is the only Direct Current Plasma Pen in the World.

When using other AC device, the plasma is discharged intermittently and charges both the – and + ions in the air to cause a small magnetic field that splits the plasma arc into a plasma shower with a force down towards the skin and back towards the tips which are changed due to the fact that the force of this action actually destroys the treatment tip during the each treatment.

As they cannot control how many – and + are in the air around us at any time the plasma shower will vary in size and direction causing not only the dots on the surface to vary in size and the depth into the skin will also vary with every dot.

With Jett Medicals Advanced DC technology, the charge is continual all in one direction allowing the dot size to be controlled to 0.1mm comparable with the average dot of AC being 0.4mm. This also allows us to control the depth into the skin according to your choice of settings.

Overall DC means less damage to the surface to even depths resulting in a more even and controlled treatment area thus reducing downtime, risk of hyperpigmentation, scarring, puckering of the skin (caused by large dots and uneven depths) and excessive swelling often reported around the eye area with AC plasma pens.

Jett is setting the standards In plasma Treatment across the world in over 60 countries

At the Show, we are offering you the chance to sit our level 4 qualification for just £750, refundable against your purchase of the Jett Plasma Pen.

Exclusively for the first 10 people who buy there is the special offer price of Just £6000 (Normal RRP £7500)

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Posted on 31.10.19