Filling your staffing gaps!

“---the pressure was high with staff illness. Couple this with holiday entitlement and the issue probably sounds familiar? How can you run an efficient practice and keep your clients happy?”

Hi, I am Sharon Norman and I take this opportunity to talk to you about my company, Cavity Dental Staff Agency Ltd. I was a Practice Manager for 14 years and there were several occasions when the pressure was high due to staff illness. Couple this with holiday entitlement and the issue probably sounds very familiar? How can you run an efficient practice, and keep your clients happy? With my background, I have tried to redress this issue and set up an Agency specifically geared up for our industry. Over the last 13 years, I have built up a loyal workforce of Dental Nurses and Receptionists to FILL THE GAP. Couple that with my personal experience as a Practice Manager, by using a member of my team you may find your staffing pains go away!

We at Cavity look to build up long-term commercial relationships with Dental Practices that will benefit both parties and yes, whilst we do offer same-day emergency cover as and when you need it, a bit of planning will benefit you too when the time comes for holidays, maternity cover etc.

So, what is expected of our Dental Nurses?

I only employ dental staff that are qualified and experienced in the dental industry. The following attributes are essential:

  • Good people skills and excellent manners.
  • Great timekeeping
  • Well-groomed
  • Smart Uniform/Name badge
  • Friendly and approachable

They need to have the ability to be flexible, not panic and able to use common sense, whilst also being able to tailor their performance to suit the Practice requirements that they are in for that day. They need to understand the health and safety policies of the dental practice they are visiting as policies and procedures can change within a month of visiting a practice and vary from practice to practice. All of my staff attend regular courses through my company so that they are always up to date with any changes and they are all GDC registered, insured and DBS checked. Many temp agencies use trainees and staff that are not familiar with UK dental practices. Is this really the quality of staff you deserve when you are under pressure? I think not.

What you should expect when you call us.

Our phones are answered from 6.30 am – 21.30 pm every day! We answer and respond to all calls even if they come throughout these hours. (Yes, believe it or not, our research has found that not all companies answer their phones!) We never say yes, we can help, if we can’t. Far too many people double book their staff and then let clients down at the last minute.

We will ask you information about your practice, what software you use, and what type of services you offer; we aim to place the right person with the right skills with you. Whether it be a receptionist or a specialist nurse in implants, ortho, sedation etc.

Our ethos is simply to satisfy both our clients and our employees. 100% compliance is non-negotiable. We strive to provide a seamless service. Cavity Dental Staff Agency will always be personable, prompt and reliable communicators. We care about the promises we make and will always work hard to deliver them. Employee Health & Wellbeing is important to us.

Dental professionals are at the heart of everything we do.

We conducted a recent survey among Cavity Locum Dental Nurses to find out what is the most important factor to make it a great day when working in a dental practice. The answer is friendly staff!

Come and find us at stand C22, we have an exciting weekend planned for you all. If you own a dental practice, we will enter you into a draw to win a free nurse for the day. Dental nurses, it’s Dental Nurse Day on the 22nd November- enter our selfie competition! Take a selfie at our stand with Jenny and John, our company mascots, post them on Instagram using two official hashtags and you could win a Love to Shop voucher! We look forward to seeing you all there 😊


Posted on 01.11.19