Free Report: ‘How To Make Your ISA IHT Free’

** Only for experienced investors with a £1m+ estate **

You’ve invested wisely and tax efficiently over the years. But did you know that the taxman could still take 40% of your ISA in Inheritance Tax? How could you avoid that?

Download this free report and discover how you could:

  • Prevent your money from disappearing in IHT when you die
  • Keep control of your ISA for as long as you live – no gifts, no trusts
  • Potentially pass on the whole of your ISA IHT free
  • Keep benefiting from any tax-free growth and income
  • Make tax-free withdrawals if you need

Estates worth £1 million or more paid an average of £470,117 each in IHT (2013-14). Will yours? Download your free guide now to discover how you could protect your ISA from a 40% IHT charge.

Download your free report to find out

A word of caution: the investments described are not for the fainthearted. They invest in small companies, which are by nature riskier than their larger counterparts.

The trade-off is that if you are a high net worth individual or sophisticated investor you could enjoy very significant benefits.

Tax rules can change and benefits will depend on your circumstances. This free guide is not advice or a personal recommendation, but it explains the main facts you need to know, so you can decide if these opportunities are for you.

* Wealth Club survey, June 2018, 646 respondents

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We’ve made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the material in the guide and on our website, but cannot guarantee its accuracy or currency. It reflects our understanding of current product and tax rules, which may change in future. It is for general information only and should not be regarded as constituting an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities, or as investment or tax advice. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of the products for your circumstances, please seek specialist financial or tax advice.

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Posted on 31.07.19