Futureproofing your practice- How to be ready for the challenges and the rewards of continuous development

Continuous development is a compulsory journey for the dental profession. Smart practices know where their journey will take them and how to secure future prosperity through inclusive teamwork .

The mantra of modern times is ‘ change is constant and inevitable’, we can either be passively swept along with the ongoing changes required in dental regulation or proactively use change as the vehicle towards a more fulfilling and prosperous future. If you opt for the proactive route, we can provide you and your team with high-quality dental-specific qualifications and professional development.

Glenys Bridges has been actively delivering academic training and professional development for dental professionals since 1992. In October 2019 Glenys Bridges and Partners launched Glenys Bridges and Partners Professional, a dedicated professional development website to run alongside our established Glenys Bridges and Partners Academic programmes.

There are a growing number of eCPD providers offering excellent cost-effective professional development opportunities; this is what makes us unique-

Our programmes are designed to create inclusive teams with dental-specific professional development for the entire team, irrespective of whether they are a GDC registrant.

We offer our CPD 52 programme at £1 per week to Individuals or £365 per year for the entire team. Our programmes come with information and guidance to offer 1 hour of eCPD training, into regular staff meetings, to ensure the entire team are fully aware of the requirements of the nine Principles of the Standards for the Dental Team and work as an integrated team to observe practice policies and working procedures.

We offer a range of dentally-specific non-clinical CPD covering management and administrative topics, management skills, people management, dealing with difficult staff, building an excellent team and many more.

As qualified life coaches, we offer a range of mentoring and personal development topics to enable managers and team leads to share their insight and enable colleagues to reach their full potential.

Established in 2011 our academic website offers non-clinical dental qualifications for dental teams our programmes include a

  • OCN West Midlands Accredited Level 5 programme for CQC Registered Managers
  • OCN West Midlands Accredited Level 4 programme for Dental Practice managers

Plus OCN West Midlands Quality Assured Higher and Advanced programmes for

  • Care Coordinators
  • Lead dental Nurses
  • Lead Receptionist
  • Practice managers Receptionists
  • Team Training Leads

Each programme is delivered one to one by a dedicated coach-tutor to ensure the learning style of every student is recognised and accommodated

Each programme has an Introductory phase. The fee for this phase is £100, and its promise is to enable students to try-out our unique coaching style before committing to the full programme. When the student enrols for the full course the £100 paid rolls over, and they can pay the full fee in 10 interest-free payments.

For the duration of your studies with Glenys Bridges and Partners Academic (GBP Academic), you will have full access to the CPD on our GBP Professional Website

To find out exactly how we can work with your and your team, we would love to see you at our Presentation, at the Professional Dentistry Northern Summit on 23rd November 2019….


Posted on 01.11.19