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As Portman Dental Care reach their 10th year and welcome their 113th practice this week, Clinical Dentistry remains at their soul.

Mark Hamburger, Portman Clinical Director, tells us about his journey over the past 10 years, and how Portman remains firm to their core, whilst ensuring that clinicians are not obstructed by admin and arrogance that can often come with scale. Instead the business has developed around their practices, ensuring the focus of all colleagues is to mobilise clinicians to do what they do best – provide outstanding dental care.

The underlying principle upon which Portman Dental Care was founded and built, and which continues to underpin the organisation, is simply to provide the highest quality of dental care to patients by ensuring that clinicians are provided with the optimal tools and support with which to accomplish this. Portman is first and foremost a dentally focussed organisation and as such, the culture of the organisation and all decisions taken are aligned with achieving these outcomes and ultimately giving clinicians the ability to provide the high level of dental care expected by our valued patients.

Our central support teams are absolutely focussed on achieving these outcomes by having a real understanding of how clinics operate and the importance and value of ensuring that practices, clinicians, and all of the clinical team are able to work efficiently and concentrate purely on providing the best care for their patients.

In order to achieve these outcomes clinicians are given true clinical freedom, including free choice of materials and laboratories within the confines of any regulatory parameters. This is central to Portman’s philosophy and truly sets us apart- this is the Portman Way.

Portman has always imbued a culture of enabling clinicians to focus on what they do best - delivering high quality clinical dentistry to their patients whilst relying on us to provide the infrastructure within which this can be achieved.

Clinicians are able to rely on Portman’s strong record in all matters compliance to have the confidence that they are practicing dentistry in a safe environment within the regulatory framework, all without the need for them to be pre-occupied in achieving these levels of compliance.

The quality of services provided, and that of the clinical work performed, is constantly audited with the purpose of providing positive feedback in order to identify any areas of improvement that might be required. This allows patients, clinicians and support colleagues to be reassured that the services provided at all levels, whether patient treatment outcomes or the service to the clinical teams from our central support team, are constantly monitored for quality and success with an eye on making improvements wherever possible.

Post graduate education, CPD and career advancement for clinicians and clinical support colleagues alike are a priority for Portman and associates and colleagues are well supported both financially and logistically to be able to achieve their ambitions. Opportunities within the Portman Academy include the provision of mandatory CPD as well as the possibility of post-graduate higher education, development of clinical skills for nurses, management training and people management skills.

Technologically Portman are digitising practices to make us fit for purpose in the coming years with large expenditure committed to the likes of general hardware and software upgrades, CBT scanners and intra-oral scanners to support the growth of digital dentistry that has revolutionised dentistry and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Clinical considerations truly are at the heart of Portman and our Regional Clinical Lead structure has allowed us to move this from strength to strength. Our Regional Clinical Leads are senior clinicians who work for Portman 1-2 days a week supporting and mentoring clinicians in their region while spending the rest of their time practicing in their own Portman practice. This strong clinical structure allows us to keep close to the needs and concerns of clinicians who chose to practice from Portman practices and to make sure decisions are always made with clinical concerns at the centre.

We’re continually thinking about how we ensure clinical remains the soul of Portman as we grow and considering new and innovative ways to make this happen. The last 10 years have allowed us to really do things differently and create a special environment for our clinicians. I’m looking forward to the next 10 years and making sure we continue to evolve to ensure Portman remains the home of choice for the best private practices and the best clinicians in this country and beyond.

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Posted on 13.11.19