Roland DGSHAPE DWX-42W: An Intelligent Machine for Superior Results

Roland’s dental arm DGSHAPE has developed the DWX-42W to make wet milling of popular dental materials fast, easy, and even exciting for the dentist and the patient.

Roland developed its first desktop CNC mill in 1986, a ground-breaking system that was very likely the first of its kind in the world. Since then the Roland DGSHAPE brand has sold over 10,000 dental mills globally. These three decades in the field have culminated in the DWX-42W, a wet milling machine designed for precise and accurate wet milling of popular glass ceramic and composite resins for dental restorations. Its compact size (just 482mm × 560mm × 600mm) makes it compatible with dental clinics looking to bring production in-house in order to improve quality and turnaround times, but that's not all it offers.

Dr Alan Jurim, a New York-based dental professional who calls himself a 'digital dentist', incorporates a DWX-42W within his clinic. Every day his team puts the system to work producing crown and bridge restorations, so he's well-placed to comment on the benefits of the DWX-42W and an in-house digital workflow.

"On a typical day, we're using our DGSHAPE milling machines in order to make our patient visits faster and more effective," he says. "Because of the consistency and the predictability of having a fantastic restoration being made for us, it's made more profitable for us and it's also allowed us to offer services that we could never in the past before."

Reliability and performance based on experience

Roland's 30-plus years in CAD/CAM technology has equipped DGSHAPE systems with reliability – a must-have when it comes to advertising a same-day service, including perfectly fitting copings, crowns and other dental restorations, to patients. This history also allows Roland to build on previous systems: the DWX-42W is up to 50 per cent faster than the previous generation DGSHAPE wet mill – a quick machine in itself. The DWX-42W's all-metal, heavy-duty dental spindle, designed and built by DGSHAPE especially for this application, requires less air pressure and volume without compromising on performance or efficiency, and doesn't require a high-volume compressor, another benefit for in-house dental labs.

Its performance is further enhanced with a fleet of technological features that also reduce downtime. For instance, the DWX-42W is fitted with an automatic tool changer for uninterrupted production – just set the job and let it get to work – while new burs provide greater stability and fine milling quality, so the results are right first time. Meanwhile, its newly designed nozzles and coolant tank have better flow and a larger capacity, meaning less maintenance and more production.

Easy usability within an existing set-up

Production itself is made simple for dental professionals, with a only gentle learning curve necessary in order to produce high-quality crowns, copings, bridges, inlays, onlays and more. The DWX-42W's user-friendly virtual control panel, called the VPanel, makes it straightforward for operators to complete and monitor milling jobs, receive alerts and guidance regarding maintenance issues, and see information on tool life. However, the machine can also be left unattended to finish the milling job while the operator gets on with other work.

In addition, open architecture compatibility and LAN connectivity allows easy workflow integration with a surgery's existing dental software and hardware, such as scanners, respectively. Dr Jurim comments: "One of the most important parts for us is the trusted connection between DGSHAPE and our other trusted digital dentistry providers so that we can use the technology on a day-to-day basis, and we can make sure that we can rely on it."

Building an exciting sector

Along with greater speeds and quality control, digital milling technology like the DWX-42W is adding an extra, exciting dimension to dentistry thanks to its compatibility with a far greater range of materials than traditional processing methods. It's possible to use highly translucent glass-based ceramics, PMMA for exceptional temporaries, composite resins and hybrid ceramics that can be polished, glazed or fully stained without any need for crystalising. Today's patients are demanding a more extensive range of products and services, and now dental surgeries can offer them with affordable, in-house equipment.

An interactive customer experience

The functions of the DGSHAPE DWX-42W system have been designed with the patient in mind. Going home with a new crown or bridge restoration on the same day as the initial appointment relieves much of the stress and discomfort many patients may otherwise feel, and dental professionals can be sure these restorations are perfectly-fitting as in-house production ensures improved quality control monitoring. Investment in in-house digital milling systems can also result in lower costs for surgeries that may be passed down as more affordable treatments for patients. Moreover, installing digital dental production equipment within a dental practice makes the patient part of the process.

Indeed, some dental professionals invite patients to see the milling machine at work, as Dr Jurim comments: "As we use DGSHAPE milling products and DGSHAPE milling systems in our office environment, we enhance that patient experience by interacting the patients with the milling machines. They see the restorations being made, they see the process and really the patient takes that experience with them and knows that they are getting the best treatment possible in our environment and it's incredibly exciting for us part, especially for same-day dentistry."

Importantly, this interactive patient experience builds long-term relationships that are essential for any thriving clinic.

Ahead of the curve

The Roland DGSHAPE DWX-42W has been designed to provide high levels of precision and accuracy in a user-friendly package, utilising the latest digital technology to be compatible with a wide range of modern dental materials. Dentistry is undergoing momentous changes, and with the right equipment any dental surgery can be ahead of the curve for the benefit of itself and its patients.


Posted on 29.07.19