Structured Clinical Training Programme

The Structured Clinical Training programme in Dental Implantology at ICE has been specifically developed with the dentist at the forefront.

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The course has been designed for dentists who have enough academic knowledge of implant dentistry but require additional support and mentoring for the clinical placement and restoration. The course aims to empower the dentist by providing them with quality assured, accredited all-round education with-in implant dentistry scientifically, academically and clinically. Through a variety of meticulous process of the application of theory to the clinical practice, we help our students to enhance their skill set and competence in implant density for enhanced patient care, clinical safety and better treatments.

The course is a hands-on, fully clinical training course and is based at ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital under the ICE Mentor Faculty. Training will include mentoring as well as case-based discussions with fellow dentists. This will allow participants to expand their skills and overcome obstacles with confidence. Training on the course will include mentoring as well as case-based discussions with fellow dentists. This will allow students to expand their skills and overcome obstacles with confidence.

Students will successfully develop the full clinical experience in restorative and surgical implantology using the latest digital dentistry workflows and technologies that ICE provide. Special emphasis is given to the patient assessment and treatment planning, diagnostic imaging, implant section and restorative design criteria using three major implant systems. This allows students to focus on working within their comfort zone and enhancing their skill set and competency.

ICE is a purpose-built Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital offering a balance of state-of-the-art teaching and clinical facilities that provides a detailed and interactive learning experience. Comprising of a range of modern clinical training suites, a fully-equipped operating theatre, and a dental laboratory, ICE is committed to providing a leading environment for clinicians to study digital and implant dentistry. By investing in the latest high-tech equipment and digital workflow solutions, it enables ICE to provide all students with the necessary equipment to carry out their learning.

ICE is a National Reference Centre for Digital Dentistry in collaboration with Henry Schein. This unique partnership allows both partners to showcase the latest digital workflow solutions that are available, whilst providing expert quality implant training and education opportunities. The partnership allows for both parties to provide clinicians with the latest innovations and skills in implant dentistry and of the digital workflow, allowing to improve the level of care and treatments that patients receive. As a National Reference Centre, ICE is perfectly positioned to provide the teaching and the research that is required today to help dental professionals to understand the technology and jargon that is associated with digital dentistry.

ICE act as a patient finder for the course, allowing for students to have the opportunity to treat patients from the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute, allowing them to examine, assess and provide treatment plans, surgical and restorative treatment phases, whilst learning with the support of a team of highly experienced dentist and a trained clinical mentor.

Upon successful completion of the course and gaining the core clinical experience under supervision, students are encouraged and supported to further their academic studies and training in Implantology, by enrolling onto the recognised Postgraduate Diploma / MSc Dental Implantology programme at ICE or by sitting the examination for the FRCS Postgraduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry. Students will benefit from more than 24 years’ clinical, research and teaching experience which is provided by Prof. Cemal Ucer and Ucer Education faculty of Lecturers. Upon completion of the course, students will receive certification for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) and restorative and surgical application of dental implant techniques.

The Structured Clinical Training course starts in October and will run for 10 days over 10 months. The course is suitable for a dental practitioner who:

  1. Holds a GDC registrable dental degree or membership of a professional body (UK employees only) or equivalent in their home country for international applicants
  2. Can provide evidence of full indemnity insurance
  3. Have completed a recognised course in dental implantology, such as a PGCert or higher

For more information on the Structured Clinical Training course at ICE please contact Garry Peel on:

[email protected] or at 0161 413 8335


Posted on 18.06.19