Tell your patients what you do - or risk losing them!

Did you know that 68% of patients may leave a practice due to lack of attention or information? We explain how to engage with patients and increase treatment conversion rates.

Did you know that 68% of patients may leave a practice due to lack of attention or information? In today’s ‘shop-around’ culture, customer loyalty means very little and that’s why customer satisfaction counts for everything. If your patients are not aware of all the treatments you offer, they may go elsewhere for a specific cosmetic treatment, have a great experience and then not come back to you for future treatment.

The good news, however, is that an increase of just 5% in customer retention can increase profits by 25% so it’s imperative to keep your patients informed and entertained, giving them the very best visiting experience.

But how do you go about this? With our daily lives now dominated by a multitude of always-connected devices, it’s becoming increasingly hard to capture people’s attention and rise above the noise. Our research shows that traditional marketing tools are no longer working – in a waiting room environment, only 8% of people now look at leaflets and posters… but 91% of people will choose to engage with on-screen information.

However, capturing a patient’s attention is one thing but holding it is quite another. It is reported that our average attention span is now only 8 seconds – that is 1 second less than the average goldfish! So, showing a repetitive stream of long, dental videos will simply not work and could even have a detrimental effect. Your patients will be back on their phones in no time and you will have lost a golden opportunity to engage with this captive audience sitting in your waiting room.

It is crucial, therefore, that you always think about the blend of content and information your patients would like to watch and tailor different levels of information for different environments and patients. Short, sharp bursts of a variety of different content is proven to work best, using familiar mainstream content to initially engage the patient so they are already tuned in to receive the important messages about treatments, plans, special offers, practice news etc.. Ensuring that the content is regularly updated and refreshed is also vital so that no two visits are ever the same for any given patient.

At SmileVision, we understand that ‘content is king’ and have spent the last 14 years refining the optimum content mix for our waiting room TV service to maximise patient engagement and enquiries, and increase treatment conversion rates. Practices typically select 10 videos at any one time which are then mixed in with our unique news, sport and entertainment feed to create a personalised TV channel. Combined with the flexibility to personalise screen content at practice level, it is proven to educate and entertain patients and enable practices to focus on treatments they would like to promote.

Here is a quick summary of the key benefits of the SmileVision service designed to bring added value for practices and patients:

● Self-funding – no TV, MPLC, PRS or PPL licences required; low-cost,

high-impact marketing

● Minimises staff workload – it’s simple to use and automatically updates on a daily


● Soft, silent sales tool designed to drive enquiries and increase treatment

conversion rates by up to 43%, no hard-selling

● Enhances patients’ visiting experience – good for patient retention, loyalty and

referral. Also contributes to CQC requirements.

● A direct link from the professional to the patient via a modern, engaging medium

● Promotion of treatments at the point of purchase and to relevant consumers – no


● Enhanced goodwill from practices – through the implied marketing support

● Additional marketing tools – personalisable videos & leaflets to email to patients

● Confidence – focus on innovation and service from the UK’s leading provider

The SmileVision service is designed with the key stakeholders in mind (practices and patients) so our efforts are focused on delivering the optimum solution for your benefit. On average 3.7 million people watch our screens per month in the UK so it’s a proven way of communicating with patients and driving business for practices.

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Our research is based on 4,100 patient interviews outside 200 practices

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Debra Englehardt-Nash, Consultant, Private Dentist, March 2018


Posted on 19.12.19