The Importance of CBCT in Implant Dentistry

The use of CBCT in Implant Dentistry can provide more accurate treatment planning and has a number of benefits.

CT Dent provides a dental imaging service in seven UK centres, where all scans are taken by qualified radiographers using the latest CBCT scanners to ensure quality and patient satisfaction.

Since its introduction for dental and maxillofacial imaging Cone Beam CT has played an important role alongside clinical evaluation with the planning and follow-up of dental implant treatment. Limited or full-volume fields of view can be used to determine bone volume and quality and the shape of the alveolar ridge. For the mandible it can be used to check the position of the inferior dental canal, mental foramen and anterior looping and salivary gland depressions. In the maxilla, assessment can be made of the nasopalatine canal, nasal fossa and the maxillary sinuses. Although sometimes limited by restoration noise and artifact, lower dose CBCT post implant placement can be an invaluable tool for checking implant position, any close relationship with important anatomical structures and peri-implantitis.

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Posted on 02.07.19