The Last Chair You May Ever Need

Minimalist profile, yet high flexibility, including full left/right conversion, pivoting chair top and Trendelenburg movement

Tridac’s chair unit has a smoothly contoured outline designed for easy cleaning and yet it offers highly
flexible working positions, including full left/right conversion in just a few seconds. The delivery unit can move behind the chair for post procedural clean-up and both it and the spittoon can be positioned clear of the chair sides to assist needy patients. The chair arms are removable too, to further assist in this respect. The chair top has 30 degrees rotation either side of centre and the seat has a Trendelenburg facility, with tilt synchronised to the backrest.

Comfy for the patient

The chair’s sculpted profiles and standard seamless upholstery provide very comfortable support, while a new option for soft, memory foam upholstery can be chosen for that extra level of luxury.

Dependable technology

The delivery unit is based on pneumatic controls for their simplicity and historic dependability. Indeed, it could act as an air only unit. However, there are also options for a range of electric micromotors and ultrasonic scalers which are fully integrated into the system using air-electric converters.

Spittoons to suit your suction

The spittoon unit has a nozzle-free bowl rim for easy cleaning and a cup filler shroud which provides statutory air gaps. Suction is presented on a pivoting manifold with high volume, medium volume and saliva ejector tubes. Internally, the spittoon can be equipped with facilities to suit a number of surgery suction systems, with no less than 8 variants available.

Halogen or LED lights, with hands-free switching.

The dental operating light swings from left to right along with the spittoon in ambidextrous applications. There are both halogen and LED light options available, or no light on the chair if it is preferred elsewhere. In this case ceiling and wall mount models are available. When chair mounted, the light on/off is synchronised to the chair programmes so that no manual intervention is required for switching. An override button is provided.


The Contour.Next is constructed from strong, quality materials, designed to look good on installation and to stay looking good for years to come. The spittoon body, for example, is 10mm thick and the delivery unit head is strong aluminium.

Will fit the smaller room

The Contour.Next is compact too, making it a viable choice for smaller rooms.

Get the full details

We don’t have the space here to describe the host of features and options available on the Contour.Next chair systems. If you have a particular requirement or even a particular difficulty you wish to resolve then please contact us on 01923 242398. Our staff have years of experience with our products and know them inside out. We are sure we will be able to provide very useful advice.

Tridac Dental Equipment Ltd. e: [email protected] t: 01923 242398


Posted on 28.11.19