When higher practice efficiency rhymes with better patient convenience: Dental Monitoring breaks the rules.

Today’s patients want orthodontic treatments that fit their lifestyle.


With this assumption in mind, Dental Monitoring has created and developed since 2014 a full suite of AI-powered solutions bringing connected devices to licensed doctors.

Dental Monitoring is guided by one vision: to be an independent partner, an open platform that provides dental professionals the ability to enhance the delivery of their orthodontic services, positively impacting patient experience and ultimately treatment outcomes.

Dental Monitoring bridges the communication gap between the patients and the practice between two in-person appointments, allowing virtual check-ups. A simple smartphone transforms patients into actients (a patient who acts), fully engaged in their treatment, with an outstanding compliance.

As any cutting edge technology, Dental Monitoring is conscious of his educational role towards the dental community to show how AI stands as an ally in healthcare. For this reason, congresses and events are the places where the Dental Monitoring teams are more likely to explain and promote the suite. It is always a pleasure to show the power of the DM solution live and to capture the instant emotional reaction of the dental professionals.

Dental Monitoring software suite has been created by orthodontists for orthodontists: the measurable impact of the technology resides in the continuous feedback from the dental community, as positive as the patients feedback. The solutions allows better efficiency within the practice and great satisfaction thanks to the convenience brought to any patient.

Dental Monitoring is proud to be part of the UK Dental Congress and Exhibition attendees, and hope to see you soon.

For more information : https://dental-monitoring.com/


Posted on 19.12.19