Work in Style – Number one for dental uniform.

Work in Style is proud to be introducing the brand new Barco scrub Range with each set of uniform made using 10 recycled plastic bottles.

Work in Style proudly announce that each set of Barco scrubs have recycled 10 plastic bottles in its manufacturing!

We incorporate these bottles into our fabric with the hope of contributing to a cleaner environment for marine life.

Barco ones fabric technology design not only helps marine life, but its inspired design light weight fabric and 4 way stretch
so it truly is a win-win for our environment and the animal kingdom alike.

We keep you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's not.

Revolutionary temperature-regulating fabric technology adapts to environmental and body temerature variances, providing optimal comfort.

We are not all one size, color, gender, or race. Please join us in celebrating all multi-dimensional humans; the ones who like us, are not perfect but are very unapologetically real.

A day in the life of a Dental professional may not be tidy or glamorous, but it is always meaningful.

Come and visit us at the UK Dental Congress & Exhibition on stand F40


Posted on 19.12.19