Adjusting to a new lifestyle.

With May being mental health awareness month, as a team we would like to share with you some of our top tips on adapting to a new way of living and managing the stress that comes with it:

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  1. If you find yourself twiddling thumbs at the weekend, try and perfect your area for working from home (if you are doing so) to ensure maximum efficiency. You may want your desk to face a window, or add some personal touches such as a photo frame.
  2. If you aren’t working from home, you can try and perfect your living area. Whether that is making changes to your home you’ve been putting off due to your busy lifestyle in the past. This could be redecorating, decluttering or doing some work in your garden.
  3. If you are working from home, make sure you shut your computer down and even pack it away at the weekend and at the end of your working day so you have clear definition between work time, and personal time. This allows you to have a routine which helps you wind down at the end of the day.
  4. If you aren’t working from home, you are still able to create a routine. In the day make sure you are keeping yourself busy. With creative, active and productive activities. Therefore in the evening it will be easier for you to settle down.
  5. Use your daily exercise as a time to focus on being “in the moment”, try and avoid being on the phone: you will have plenty of time at home to catch up with loved ones!
  6. Try and learn a new skill or do renovations you haven’t had the time to do before. Some of our team have been: reading, writing and doing yoga.

There are so many positives we can take from this. We asked Professional Dentistry to take a moment, and think of the positive outcomes they have experienced throughout this change and here is what they came up with:

  1. Being able to spend quality time with our loved ones we live with whether that is: partners, children, parents, friends or siblings. Day-to-day life can be very busy and tiring, parents working different hours, children at school and individual social lives can really limit the time you get to spend as a family. Our team have taken this opportunity to focus on their loved ones they live with by giving them the time and attention that wouldn’t usually be possible.
  2. Having more time and energy to work on and improve personal skills and hobbies that normal day–to-day routines would get in the way of. This could be music, writing, baking or active activities such as: dance, yoga or home workouts.
  3. Seeing the kind acts of our communities helping the vulnerable and doing their best to keep spirits high for their neighbours. Communities have really come together through this change and have creatively found ways to bring everyone together whilst social distancing, such as: singing outside their houses and even playing bingo from their front doors. It’s so refreshing seeing selfless acts from so many people at this current time.
  4. Really appreciating the outdoors and being away from technology. In the era we live in, technology is a massive part in almost everyone’s life. Although technology has its perks it can distract people from the world around them. Use your time outdoors to appreciate it more now you have the time and mind set to – whether this is on your one exercise of the day or being outside in your garden doing work, relaxing, exercising or playing games with your family.
  5. Catching up with family/friends more often over call, text and face time. Even though we can’t physically see family and friends that we don’t live with, we are lucky enough to live in a time where other forms of communication are at our fingertips.

We hope these tips and positive notes have sparked some ideas on how to manage stress and given you some inspiration to think about the positive things that you can take from your experience. We would love to hear what you thought of on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram by hash tagging #ProDentistry20


Posted on 02.04.20