Burs like no other

Save at least 5 to 10 minutes every time you remove a PFM crown.

All you have to do is change the bur you are using - For all your crown and amalgam removals use Tri Hawk's Talon 12 metal cutting bur. With its unique shape, it cuts vertically and horizontally while making even the hardest alloys seem like butter. We know that time is money, using the Talon bur saves you loads of time and stress to finish the most daunting tasks. This is our promise. Just speak to our existing customers!

Dentists are always looking for technological breakthroughs that lead to greater efficiency, safety, and predictability. In the modern world, we often think of big advances in technology coming in the shape of electronics and fancy machines, but often the things that make the biggest difference come in the smallest and least thought of aspects of our jobs. In this case, we are looking at the dental burs that all dentists use and are incredibly important to every dentist from the general practitioner to endodontists. Most practitioners have experienced the stress that occurs when a bur breaks during a procedure or the difficulty of removing an old PFM crown or accessing through crowns efficiently yet still preserving the porcelain to avoid costly crown replacement. Selecting the right bur for the right job can truly elevate the level of predictability possible during surgical procedures, endo-access, and more. Tri Hawk’s Talon series of burs is just such a technological breakthrough that can truly enhance your practice.

Dentists expect to have reliable results based on the proper selection of equipment, technique, and staff to mitigate risk. One of the immediate points of contact with the patient in most procedures occurs with the use of dental burs. When burs break, it almost always occurs at the union between the cutting bur and shank as this is typically the weakest junction in the bur. Every dentist has dealt with the frustration of having burs break during treatment, especially during surgeries. Although any bur on the market today can break under enough torque or load, the Tri Hawk Talon burs are extremely fracture resistant due to their unique steel blend and a proprietary welding technique.
Tri Hawk customers are always extremely impressed with the strength and cutting efficiency of the Talon burs and they use the Talon for all their metal cutting procedures. Using single-use burs for all procedures, ensures the bur is sharp, clean, strong, and will function at its best every time it comes out of the package. The Tri Hawk line of burs
can be utilized for many different dental applications and procedures. Here are some of the most common:

• Crown removal – Use the Talon 12 to but through both the porcelain and metal at the same time, no need to use a diamond bur to remove the porcelain and then change to a tungsten carbide bur for the metal. 1 bur does the whole job and you can remove anywhere from 1 to 5 crowns with a single Talon 12 bur.
• Apoectomies - The Talon 12 Surgical brings a 25-mm length to the hyperbolic shape, exacting all the strength and speed that you would expect from a standard length. The shape also offers easy evacuation of bio-material, so that cutting ability and visibility remain true throughout the procedure. The Talon cutting efficiency also reduces chatter while cutting through root apices and bone to help reduce microfractures.
• Endo-access hole through PFM crown - The Talon 10 has no crosscut teeth, which reduces microfactures in porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and possible fracturing of a porcelain cusp. This reduction in microfractures also helps to preserve the porcelain margin around the hole.
• Amalgam removal – The Talon 12 with its end-cut capability allows the practitioner to cut directly into the amalgam and work around the occlusal area to “pop” the amalgam out in just a few seconds.


Posted on 13.02.20