New Realities – The Remote Practice

As so many of us are now forced into remote working for an extended period of time, a new reality is dawning for us all in the Dental sector.

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Is your practice working remotely?

As so many of us are now forced into remote working for an extended period of time, a new reality is dawning for us all in the Dental sector.

As we are faced with mass cancelation and rescheduling of appointments, government enforced closures or a reduction to emergency services only, many clinics are being forced to look at what operations they are capable of continuing remotely.

There’s no doubt that this is extremely challenging, but there are some clinical and business functions that may be performed online as necessity increasingly dictates.

Remote Appointments

An emerging trend in the clinical sector is remote or digital consultations. The technology is already here to manage online consultations and ‘digital triaging’ of patients is a development that will be inevitably be fast-forwarded by widespread social distancing.

The Aerona Patient Portal supports online communication with patients by clinicians to pre-assess and advise on questions and queries that may not require direct clinical intervention, while the Design & Sign feature enables your patients to complete all their forms, including assessments, medical history, treatment plans and surveys from the comfort and safety of their own home.

As part of a suite of digital communication and payment tools, we can help you to maintain a level of quality service with your patients remotely and safely.

We can help you set-up standardised templates to communicate online consultations with your patients and show you how to securely store consultation data on Aerona. For more information contact our support team.

Review & Planning of Business Performance

As business is impacted by the ongoing restrictions it is more important than ever to be on top of your finance and performance metrics. As a cloud-based provider our full KPI and analytics package is available to you with a wide range of customizable reports, charts and trend graphs delivered into your phone, tablet or desktop machine in real time. You can calculate the cost of lost appointments and develop your plan to recoup lost revenue once we return to more normalized conditions.

It looks highly likely that many will be experiencing some downtime from daily business operations. Remote access to such rich data allows for detailed performance analysis and planning to be undertaken wherever you are working from. Our Business Support team are here to help with that too.

The challenges facing us all at the present time are enormous and can’t be minimized, but what is clear is that we face them together, and at Aerona we will do all that we can to mitigate the impacts in partnership with our customers.

Please contact us if you require any assistance around any of the tools or approaches that we have mentioned – our Customer Success and Business Support team are working remotely and here to help, and we have a series of Free webinars to support our customers in upskilling over the coming weeks.


Posted on 23.03.20