Complete your Digital Transformation with Design & Sign

Digital transformation has revolutionised Dental Practice Management over the last decade.

At Aerona we have been at the forefront of this revolution, innovating a cloud-based approach that has changed the game by delivering substantial cost savings for dentists whilst at the same time bringing unprecedented levels of security, convenience and functionality.

However, until now, the full potential of the digital practice has not been entirely realised. Fully digital means paper-free – stripping out the costs of paper, ink & physical storage; reducing your carbon footprint and increasing data security.

Whilst digital signing has been available for some time, it has not been user-friendly and has prevented full digitisation from taking place. Paper-based approval and permissions are still the norm for many practices.

Going Fully Paperless

Aerona’s Design & Sign now completes the digital transformation – seamlessly enabling practices to become fully digitised & secure across the entire patient journey from registration, treatment and follow up – as part of your everyday practice management.

Design & Sign is the first customisable signing solution on the market – removing the need for any paper signatures or documentation and is fully integrated into AeronaDental – meaning no third-party plug-ins or scanning of documents, and giving you the total peace of mind of digitally encrypted data compliance and security.

What Design & Sign can do for you

Design & Sign enables you to:

1. Create branded templates and forms for your patients to fill out using an easy-to-use drag and drop tool.

2. Choose a variety of answer types and validations for your forms.

3. Add e-signatures to your forms so that you can maintain a record of the patient’s approval of medical history and treatment plans.

4. Customise forms specific to individual patients by adding questions or messages from the clinician.

Design & Sign represents the future of practice management – not just in going paperless but in deepening the relationship and knowledge between a practice and its patients. It is quick and easy to implement for all practices, whether digitally established or just making the transition, but don’t just take our word for it, book a quick demo with one of our Dental Software experts to see for yourself here.


Posted on 24.01.20